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The People of God
The best summary of our discussion on Sunday on models of the People of God (the Church) was the grammar comment: Do we speak of the Church in the first person (we/us) or the third person (they/them)? How we speak reveals who we think owns the church, who belongs to it.
We discussed two contemporary images of team and orchestra. Both include a diversity of essential members in one organism. The pastor, acting alone as coach or lead violin/conductor, would be a failure without the players. And of course It would be impossible for the players in any team or orchestra to call it ‘them’.
What’s next? Is there a next?
So far
In our discussions this year we have been working on developing a biblical mind. We have looked at Creation (the Good) – by God’s word, from nothing, its order and wonder, and at the role of human beings in it, made in God’s image to reflect his nature and care for his creation in partnership with him.
What’s wrong? We examined the Fall (the Evil) - Adam and Eve not trusting God’s goodness and disobeying his instructions as they wanted to be like God. Evil we saw at different levels: personal/moral, societal/systemic; natural: evil in the natural world; metaphysical.
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